• Silence –

    specially developed E-Unit means that you can whisper in the engine compartment and still be heard. You can enjoy silence totally devoid of motor noise like on sailing ships. Elegantly manoeuvring in a marina or cruising through nature reserves (environmental protected areas) in silence allows you to enjoy the environment.
    Attention: Other boats might not realize you are here!

  • Consumption –

    The HMS Hybrid Marine Solution offers the lowest consumption. Sailing fully Electric the fuel consumption is at 0 Liters / Hour.
    In Hybrid mode the HMS has unbelievably low consumption using only a few liters per hour. This reduces time wasted at the fuel station as well as costs for fuel and maintenance.
    Sailing in Twin Diesel the HMS offers the possibility to add electric power to support the engines, allowing a significant reduction of consumption by up to 70%.

  • Vibration free

    Going fully Electric no combustion engine is running. The electric motor does not produce any vibration at all. Compared to standard propulsion systems, the HMS creates a completely new feeling when cruising on a boat or yacht.


  • Turn Key –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is the first company offering a hybrid propulsion to a wide range of applications in a fixed setup at a fixed price. HMS entirely developed the system and the technology in house. Therefore, HMS can offer a solution that will fit almost any requirement and at very reasonable rates. The HMS system can be delivered worldwide ready for installation.

  • Automatic –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is also made with captains and crew in mind. The system allows you to choosing between different Drive ModesElectric, Hybrid, Twin Diesel. The system then automatically works in the best mode to ensure the system works as efficiently and economically as possible. The HMS propulsion system changes modes in mili-seconds and allows a seamless shifting and constant power flow.
    Moreover, the crew can control with the integrated touch screen command and has full control at any time.

  • Depreciation

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is a reasonable investment for any vessel. Saving 20% – 70% on fuel costs, as well as raising the maintenance intervals by 50%, the HMS significantly raises the value of any boat.


  • Highly Adaptable –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is not only available as a fixed set up. Due to our in-house engineering and ground breaking technology, we are able to develop a custom HMS setup. HMS can be used with most engines sizes and models. HMS serves the needs of any professional, but also private yacht owners.

  • No Generator

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution a revolutionary propulsion and power setup. As the engines are not only working for the propulsion, but also as an integrated generator, additional generators are no longer needed. This saves space and weight in the engine compartment, reduces fuel costs, vibration, noise and fumes. The entire hotel service and board system runs purely on batteries for up to 24 hours and no generator is needed. Compared to standard onboard generators, HMS consumes less fuel at all times. (Additional generators can be integrated on demand, if this is a requirement however.)

  • Fumes & Pollution

    The HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is by far the most advanced and ecologically friendly marine technology on the market. Using the Hybrid or Electric Mode, fumes and pollution are significantly reduced or even prevented. This makes staying on board even more relaxing and joyful.


  • Maintenance

    One of the biggest concerns of owners is the maintenance of the engine and the system. The HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is the ultimate solution. HMS always runs under the best possible workload for the engine. The different Drive modes allow to significantly extending maintenance intervals, up to 50% and more. Additionally the E-Unit is maintenance free. HMS maintenance partners are available all over the world. Remote access is possible.

  • Durable –

    Having decades of experience from the marine industry, HMS Hybrid Marine Solution was developed to resist weather and workload. Thus, the HMS perfectly fits to any type of vessel. Built in Austria and Germany, HMS only uses premium materials and the latest production technologies to guarantee long lasting performance and durability under any conditions.

  • Optimal Performance

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution was developed to be a game changer. Thanks to the precise engineering, the system (engine and E-Unit) is always working under the best conditions, reducing fuel consumption and raising output power. Overall HMS supplies a 97% efficiency on the Electric and Hybrid Mode for the electrical power. The low weight allows yachts to raise performance levels due to the additional electrical power of the E-Unit.


  • Range Enhancer –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution allows the captain to significantly extend the journey. Using the Hybrid Mode we use one engine instead of two. Travel distances can be extended by 40% compared to standard propulsion systems.

  • Engine Friendly –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is taking care of your engine. By using Electric in low RPM, engines are not running at low load. The HMS is equipped with an automated warmup and cool off phase in order to protect the engines lifetime and keep them as close to optimum condition as possible. Moreover, HMS controls the load on the engines at all times, assuring that the load profile is at an optimum even during low rpm operations. This will save years of engine life (wear and tear of parts). The entire HMS is specifically configured to each type of yacht and engine.

  • Tested and Safe

    The HMS Hybrid Marine Solution has been developed in 4 years of extensive research and has been tested thousands of hours on the test bench and in real life under roughest conditions all over the world. Thisexperience allows the HMS to work under heaviest circumstances. Integrated safety systems keep HMS safe and functional. HMS is equipped with several features and allows running electric motor and standard combustion engines independently, if necessary. The touchscreen control panel gives a perfect overview over the situation and immediate problem solving solutions.


  • Efficient

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution was tested and approved to be one of the most efficient real hybrid propulsion systems over the last years. Measurements show the lowest consumption of fuel at any given time. The integrated electric motor offers an incredible 97% efficiency. The specially developed E-Unit with an asynchrony-motor in combination with a custom-built gearbox achieves optimal results.

  • Easy Intergration –

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution can be integrated into almost any current yacht during refit. Due to its strategic engineering the HMS is available for integration in existing propulsion technologies.

  • Compact Size

    HMS Hybrid Marine Solution is only 55cm longer than a standard propulsion system. These measurements allow the HMS to be integrated in existing engine compartments without severe changes. The short length also helps to keep the efficiency at a highest possible level.


  • Secondary Propulsion System –

    Due to HMS safety guidelines, the combustion engine and the electric motor can be used independently. This enables an emergency mode, offering a secondary propulsion mode in emergency situations.

  • Time Saving

    HMS Hybrid Marine System respects our most precious gift – time. Reducing the time wasted at fuel stations, we can give back something to any boat captain and owner.­­

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